Peaks of Yore

A Peak-bagging Adventure

Peaks of Yore is a first-person physics-based "climb-em-up" adventure set in 1887.

Steel your nerves and perfect your climbing skills as you ascend the rock wall, traverse difficult routes, and encounter many challenges and obstacles.

As you venture out, you will meet like-minded mountaineers and discover the serene and picturesque nature of The Great Gales on your quest to become a pioneer of mountaineering. 



Game Visuals

I wanted to capture the visual style of vintage climbing photography. 

This style might not be suitable to some individuals for long extended periods of play-time, so if you find the style uncomfortable while playing, try turning on Color Mode in the Graphics Options Menu.


To complete Peaks of Yore, you'll have to make use of the acquired tools over the course of the game. The physics movement of your character is crucial to learn in order to progress to more challenging areas. There are two endings in the game, the first ending being reachable by summitting almost all peaks accessible in the Cabin, the second ending being reachable by summitting all peaks in the game.



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